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Una Letra @ mi Hermano

* It’s a half mean letter read the whole thing. I love you !

Oh Brother,
What you think your rich now cause your in Spain, getting meals everyday, clothes, money, new watches after mommy bought you a watch before you left, or it wasn’t good enough for your Spanish Life.
(You’re the same selfish person that you always were. )
“We have no money,  no money” at least Tal and I have realized that.  Mommy only work’s at Hillhaven on Saturday, and Sunday 7-11 and 2 hours in the morning at Intrim that is no fucking money.  Yeah were so selfish, I had to tell you to write mommy a damn letter and your complaining about the person who sacrificed almost going bankrupt to send you to Spain and you couldn’t even write her a letter on Your own will.

Talk about selfish leave your damn hair natural, next time you go away style your damn hair so you would be able to manage it.  When Tal went to France did she write and ask for perms, and styling gels.  I wouldn’t have gotten your texturizer cream If my money didn’t get stolen *( at school), But you didn’t wait to hear that part, did you, You just started complaining like a rich white boy.

Mommie even started charging gas for the car, gas, milk when we’re starving.  She has letters from companies saying there going to sue her If she doesn’t pay various bills.  Just because your not here doesn’t mean you can’t understand that we ain’t got no damn money.  When you mailed down a list of gifts for your family, you thought we were going to get fake gold, it cost money and who had to go without clothes, hair getting done, grease for our hair, clothes for track.  We did.  You didn’t hear us complaining.  After coming home from school on an empty stomache, I can hardly hold my heard up to do my reading assignments not to mention homework then to be bothered by Mr. Stablier, piano lessons, and track or dance team practice, volunteer , which I usually take the bus and get home at 6:30 + 1.00 of Mr. Stablier 7:30 + Homework I usually don’t go to sleep until 12:00 ask mommy and ask Tal when last I watched Melrose Place or 90210 or Martin probably 5 times the whole year.  I have no energy now that I’m on vacation I write you a letter or so not mention I’m writing it in the car.

You have let me down, can’t even trust your own sister to handle my own social life every single solitarie time you wrote me it was filled with all ridiculous things about keep away from boys all that anti-boy shit.  I know how to handle myself w/ guys thank you very much I’m 15 years old. I’ll be 18 in 3 years.  I’m not stupid.  You shouldn’t even be talking Mr. Everybody wants me.  I don’t want your gift or money you can’t take your chipped fake gold rings (just joking) but they are chipped, when you come back don’t bother getting me a gift you can keep it, it’s just more money for selfish Yuri.  I’ve done dine w/out your money, your jacket-the entire fucking winter through snow storms, without food.  Mommy hasn’t bought groceries since you left not eve  groceries for Brother Gordon or Courtney when they visited.  I’ve done fine w/out lunch money on days, when we just didn’t have it, so your ass could get 500 every other month, you’ve got total 2,900 this past 8 months so you could get 1 and 2 texturizer creams, gifts for your dysfunctional family not to mention that 200 dollar Fisher CD player which you got stolen and what did we get nothing .  Oh wow you got Tal 40 dollars did you forget it cost money to change money by the time she did change it she would only have 29 not to mention mommy to it as a collectors item.  And your complaining because we didn’t write you, you know that Tal’s lazy.  NE Ways did I bitch at you when you got my Nikon Camera broken- I don’t know why I gave it to you. I loved that Camera gift from Chris and What is it now broken.

*Top of the Page You’ve gotten almost everything you wanted from US x-tra money, x-tra shirts, x-tra gifts, 4 families, and you bitch when you didn’t get 1 box of texturizer cream.*

On a good note: I’m officially the fastest girl on the track team.  I did the 50m in 6.3 and 6.4 on my first try we only had one competition at Trinity College Invitational there was at least 30 schools there.  It was freezing cold and raining but I still got metals I placed in both my events I run anchor on the 4x100 relay we got a bronze metal because Chantale and a girl named Teresa ruined it.  In the 400 hundred I got 2nd place a silver metal I weight 129 but I have a lot of muscle in my leg, but not as much as you duh.  I don’t have a boyfriend. =) (O.K) The only reason Tal had an attitude was because you kept calling for 1 dumb box of texturizer cream If your hair looked that bad you should have cut it what, are you going to use the texturizer cream for the rest of your life ? and If you don’t know Tal by now then somethings wrong w. you because she’s always going to be lazy &’d have an attitude no matter where you are.

And after mommy read your ridiculous P.S letter she felt so bad because your in some onter land and dpn’t realize what Me and Tal have to go through .

Well right now were out dress shopping for Tal’s prom.

                Recently I’ve slept over Chantale’s house and boy did I eat, and that about it.  Mr. Hunter hasn’t called since you left but oh well.  Paulette came to visit last week she has a new Ford Taurus 97’ damn bitch couldn’t even give us over a nickel for talking care of Derrick.  The people you’ll hear about are Herman, Kyeam, Clyde, Rachael, Toni, Franchesco, Mike, Jesus, Kelly, Teresa, Edwin.  But my only friends, friend is Chantale.  I try to keep away from most of the offy kids at E.C.

Well (heart) You and buy for now.  I demand an apology or a call for that rude letter you wrote mommy, and remember the word doesn’t revolve around you.
                            Imbar Lawrence
                                        (picture of a tear drop)
-You  better  start preparing for no food, no clotes, 1 phone, no cable lifestyle again, your not suffering at all. How’s your new family ?

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

LA NACION/ Los Judios Espanoles y Portugueses en la Zona del Caribe.

Alrededor de 200,000 judios fueron expulsados de Espana en 1492. Cerca de 50,000 se dirigieron a paises del Mediterraneo pero la gran mayoria cruzo la frontera hacia Portugal. Cinco anos despues fue promulgada la ley para expulsar de Portugal a los judios, pero cuando se dieron cuenta del dano economico que esto causaria al pais, decretaron en su lugar que los judios portugueses estaban, por ley, obligados a bautizarse. Aquellos que lo hicieron fueron conocidos como "Nuevos Cristianos" o "Miembros de la Nacion Hebrea en Portugal" ("La Nacion"). Vivieron a la lsombra de la Inquisicion, la cual perseguia a los que seguian observando el judaismo en SECRETO. Los "Nuevos Cristianos" de Portugal aprovecharon cualquier oportunidad para salir del pais. Enmcontraron REFUGIO en Bayona y Burdeos (Francia), en HAMBURGO y especialmente en AMSTERDAM. En sus nuevos hogares gozaron, en gran medida, de libertad religiosa, podian regresar al judaismo y estabablecer comunidades. Algunos de ellos se dedicaron al comercio que estaba desarrollandose a comienzos de siglo XVII y vineron al NUEVO MUNDO. Alli se reunieron con los miembros de "La Nacion" que lograron emigrar directamente de Portugal.

Los judios que llegaron a la region del Caribe se encontraron con un ambiente analogo al de Europa. La ley Catolica de Espana y Portugal habia sido desplazada por la fuerzas protestantes de Holanda, Bretana y Dinamarca. Eran tolerantes con colonizadores de otras religiones y se les otorgo privilegos, garantizandoles una gran libertad. Algunas comunidades judias gozaron de autonomia y en Surinam tneian una milicia.

Los judios fueron pioneros en varios compos del la economia. Muchos eran propietarios de PLANTACIONES de CANA DE AZUCAR y CAFE. Algunos estuvieron entre los primeros en refinar azucar en la zona.

Miembrios de "La Nacion" establecieron comunidades en Surinam, Barbados, Curazao, JAMAICA, las Islas Virgenes, San Eustaquio, Venezula, Colombia, Panama y en otras zonas del Caribe. Conservaron sus privilegios y TRATARON de gozar de los mismos derechos que tenian los judios en otras partes. Existia un sentimento de mutua responsabilidad que trascendio fronteras y Estados. Rabinos liberes, procendentes de comunidades mas grandes visitaban regularment las islas que no tenian rabinos para realizar servicios religiosos. Aspectos materiales unian tambien a los miembros de "La Nacion", tales como la arquitectura comun de sus sinagogas, construidas alrededor de 4 pilares centrales (que llamaban las 4 MADRES) o la costumbre de cubrir el piso de la sinagoga con arena.

Los judios tambien desempenaron un rol dentro de los moviemientos de liberacion de la zona, durante el siglo XIX . Simon Bolivar, Libertador de Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador y Peru encontro refugio y ayuda entre los judios de Curazao cuando planeo su lucha conta los espanoles. Yo espero que to Encuentra (n) juntos or de solo.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Meaning is in the "words" the "people" and the "network".
“Meaning is not in the “words” or in ‘people” but in the “network”. The above statement means that for example the word “touch” has no meaning, or to a person “touch” has no meaning but only within a network can “touch” have a meaning. Haptics- the science that deals with the sense of touch which was briefly touched upon in chapter 3. I noted in my Blog post for Chapter 3- In terms of Touch- I am very uncomfortable with anyone touching me. So to each their own , but it would make me very uncomfortable despite the context. I believe there is no need to get physical when dealing with paperwork. Perhaps in the field of dance, or gymnastics… I would excuse the coach. I would like to elaborate on the meaning of the above sentence “Meaning is not in the “word” or in the “people” but in the “network”. This can be translated as the obvious the actual word “touch” has no meaning without "knowledge of" of course. It is simply made up of 5 letters of the alphabet t-o-u-c-h, which probably goes back to a Latin derivation tacto. However, whomever was the originator of the word which can be looked at as the Source/Code Creator, gave it the sub-code or meaning (they are now connected) 1.) to put the hand, finger, etc, into contact with. 2.) to bring or come into contact with 3.) to reach. 4.) to affect with tenderness or sympathy. 5.) to touch someone or something. 6.) to come into or be in contact-n 7.) a touching or being touched. 8.) the sense by which a thing is perceived by the physical contact. 9.) ability. 10.) a slight trace. (these definitions are from the Random House Webster’s American Dictionary) Perhaps if it was a British American Dictionary we might have a longer list of meaning or slightly different interpretations of this word. But we are in the United States of America so in terms of the Network we can all go with the 10 definitions above as the sub-code of the word “touch”. The Shannon and Weaver's model defines the "source" as the ensemble of all possible messages, and not a tangible entity. This can be made more concrete through realization that the word “touch” doesn’t just have 1 meaning but 10 from above with the possibility of more depending on culture. This concept is indeed abstract as noted by Professor Gilbert, Saussure’s langue, "is not complete in any speaker... [but] exists perfectly only within a collectivity, the source is not to be found in any individual brain. It is a hypothetical statistical construct which incorporates all the possible messages in a language, complete with probabilities that govern their occurrences. When we speak of the source not being found in any individual brain we assume that in order for understanding or comprehension of any language/sentence one must be in a network. But that statement is slightly misleading, it is more that in order to fully understand the contextual meaning of the message being send from within a network, that the interpreter or receiver of the message should be thinking in that language of that specific organization. A good example using “touch” on the grounds of Sports can be of a Coach touching or tapping a player on “butt” right before he goes out on the court. Of course both players and coach have been briefed on “sexual harassment” however the coach is not sexually touching the players. The word touch is definitely a sub-sub code of the meanings 1-10 above carrying a "far off meaning"; “make me proud, you know what to do, go out there and rock the court, and so on.” If a player ever tried to file a sexual harassment charge on the coach, or claim that he was gay, it would seem absurd unless their had been former sexual advances that had been documented, or their was an eye witness to him holding the buttocks a little longer than the normal tap. So then “tap” is a sub-code of touch but not tap-dancing, we aren’t talking about dance, but I didn’t have to say that, because we are all on the same page of Organizational Communication- the Network- The referent. The above are all legitimate examples of Jacobson model of sub-codes. What is most important is that Jacobson believes of the code/sub-codes as a model of language without any relation to the speaker or the hearer. Then why make a message? If this was indeed so, the structural model wouldn’t contain any psychological noise, but perhaps engineering noise and this model would be dehumanizing the human being/ language as well as going against Saussure definition of code or the message as carrying meaning. Psychological noise is part of the model therefore meaning is not only contextual to the Network, but also the individual. A boss or manager has to have compassion. An employee has to use his brain and experiences to successfully translate this boss/managers needs, wants, moods, non-verbal communication and so forth. The meaning in this sense is definitely imbedded in the brain and network thru use of common sense. Common sense is not at all common; it is something learned through experiences, just like the ability to decode non-verbal communication. This is indeed in contrast with the Shannon and Weaver 2 article which stated that meaning is not in the brain, but the source. So whoever is the sender of the message knows the source-code because they are the creator. Therefore meaning like Saussure stated “is in the message”- Not the message decoded or received the original message sent. Despite the knowledge base or the mental dictionary (elaborate-restricted codes) of the interpreter, the sender could have completely different intentions to confuse, to leave out information, to not give enough for the receiver to decode, to send one on a search... This is done all the time in organizations to see if an individual hired knows the lingo, but in this sense the questions aren’t only contextual but psychological. A person’s resume is what I call a good example of codes. I can do this, that and the other. You aren’t hired because of your resume, but the knowledge to have both lied and put those things on your resume because you know they are essential to the corporate world, or perhaps you truly do know how to do Excel & Power Point. The Interview is a means of decoding the message received maybe the interviewer will give the individual a Microsoft Test, and if they were truly honest they can receive a certificate afterwards, if not they aren’t hired due to dishonestly one- and incompetence two. This indeed is not only a matter of the network, but the interconnectivity of the two brains to fully understand the messages being delivered, received, and decoded. Let’s not get into the Long term- short term memory or the Amygdala or Hippocampus because that would be getting into neuroscience and Anatomy or perhaps a campus of Hippopotamuses. In closing when discussing language and understanding and interconnectivity the brain is the primary network. How strong ones resources are or how restricted their language. Complete with experiences an individual can either conjure up biases, or have compassion “Valuing Differences”. It’s for the receiver ultimately to figure it out the sub-codes or subliminal, that goes way beyond the concept of the concrete network to determine the legitimacy of the word “touch” for example. So never take anyone's word, but do what you are told, and if you’re the boss be BLUNT.Not the PENCIL the RULER!
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